Mahannah Healing

What is Mahannah Healing?

Mahannah was a human species that lived on the Earth Plain millions of years ago and she belonged to the race we called the Bakou. She belonged to a very enlightened race that had a deep understanding on healing and had a special connection with the Earth.  They could communicate with spirit ancestors, trees, whales and dolphins.  They had an amazing understanding on energy and vibrations and their race lived in pure love and harmony.  Eventually their race died out as a new species of humans emerged.  Millions of years later, in the mid 1800’s many of the Bakou who still resided in spirit draw close to the Earth once more. They were shocked and deeply saddened by what the humans had done to themselves and the Earth Plain.  Many of them were planning to reincarnate back to the Earth but the vibrations were too heavy and distorted.  

Many years later, during a circle trance sitting, the Bakou draw close once again. They wanted to share their teachings with the circle in the hope of healing the fragmentations and distortion of the Earth. They wanted to combine ancient healing teachings and philosophies with the modern spirit to alleviate human suffering. Mahannah and many other Bakou continue to this day assisting humanity in their great time of awakening.