Trance Mediumship

Trance private group bookings:

Chris and Steven are now offering small group/ private trance demonstrations.

Groups between 2-5 people.

Demonstrations are held at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood or home visits depending on location.  We also offer zoom trance sittings as well.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with guides, loved ones and teachers in the spirit world.  Please bring a variety of questions with you for the trance sitting.  Questions can range from personal questions to “what is my life’s purpose”?

Please contact Steven or Chris to book your group trance sitting today.

£150.  To secure your booking a 50% deposit can be paid directly through bank transfer.

We don’t put times down for group trance sittings because spirit decide how long the trance demonstration will be.  Times, however, can range from 60 minutes to a 2-hour session.  Trance group bookings can be booked during the day or evening. An evening group trance demonstration begins at 6:00pm.

There will be an opportunity after the demonstration to discuss the trance sitting with the facilitators.  Trance sittings are also recorded/ filmed and can be sent via email or WhatsApp.

One to one in person trance readings with Chris and Steven

Steven and Chris also offer one to one private trance readings. In a trance reading Steven or Chris will connect and channel spirit teachers, guides, and ancestors direct to bring forward guidance, inspiration, and knowledge. This can also include past lives, philosophy, messages from loved ones and deep guidance on your pathway. Trance readings are a unique opportunity to receive personal loving guidance from spirit, there can also be opportunity to ask questions during the session.

Trance readings are £100 and can last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes sessions. Trance readings are recorded and can be put on a CD or sent direct through email.

Please note the in person one to trance readings are held at the Purple Mountain Health and Well-being Centre, Fleetwood.

Both Chris and Steven have developed in trance for over 15 years and during this time amazing spiritual work has been completed through the direct guidance of the spirit world.  The Purple Mountain spiritual foundation is built by the direct communication of the spirit world and continues to this day.  Trance readings are very special and takes much energy. Two physical doorkeepers usually circle sitters will hold space and give energy during a trance reading.  Once spirit take control of the trance mediums voice box and body, we are then guided directly by the spirit team. 

Every trance reading is different.  Here is a list of spirits that could/ have come through before:

  • One true spirit guide.
  • Ancestors and loved ones.
  • Helpers and inspires.
  • Past life friends and family.
  • Astral guides.

Trance readings are truly unique, and nothing is ever guaranteed.  Keep an open mind and heart open.  Spirit will guide the trance reading and will decide which guide, inspire, healer, ancestor or loved one will come through and speak. There is a great saying that we often use at the Purple Mountain: “spirit will give us what we need not what we want”. Every trance reading is different.  Here is a list of areas that is often touched upon in a trance reading:

  • Past lives.
  • Ancestral work and healing work.
  • Divine purpose.
  • One true spirit guide connection.
  • Earthly guidance and understanding.

There may be an opportunity to ask spirit questions so bring a small note pad and pen and write down which questions you would like spirit answering. Sometimes those questions are naturally answered by spirit during the trance reading. Remember spirit know us more than we know ourselves! 

Check out our healing brochure and all the information on trance healing is within there.

Chris and Steven can also be booked for outside trance demonstrations.

They can be booked and organised with the booking secretary or organiser of the event.

Genuinely, tickets are sold for a trance demonstration that range from £10 per ticket depending on the venue.  For churches and centres, we work on a 50/50 basis supporting both us and the venue we will be working with.

A trance demonstration will normally start at 7:30 in the evening and can last until about 9:00.  Please encourage the congregation to bring questions also.

Please reinforce to the congregation that trance is not the same as ‘mental mediumship’.  Though personal messages may come through from the other side, it is not guaranteed in the demonstration.

The trance medium and their doorkeepers will do their best to prepare themselves physically as well as spiritually.  Their preparation consists of meditation, breath work, drinking plenty of water, nature walk, rest and eating lightly. 

Please make sure your venue is prepared properly by playing meditation music, lighting candles and if the venue permits to smudge/ or light incense sticks.

The venue must also be warm.

You can enquiry about booking Chris or Steven by contacting them by email or by phone.