Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Quantum  Healing Hypnosis   

Quantum Healing Hypnosis was developed and founded by the late Dolores Cannon. Dolores was a pioneer of past life regression, which takes you to the deepest levels of your consciousness – your higher self.  We consider this type of quantum healing as one of most powerful and deepest forms of hypnosis on offer.   


‘Quantum,’ in simple terminology, means seeing and observing our lives as a creator force and purpose. Quantum also means energy and vibration, and as a collective, we are all interconnected cosmically and universally. Everything that we go through, physically, and spiritually in this lifetime, and all other lifetimes, is for our divine purpose.  The universe doesn’t punish us but rather works with us in our learning and growth. We create our own contracts, and the tests are set by us. Have trust in the knowing that every experience, good or bad, is aimed at helping us to grow and evolve as great beings of light and love. 


Once contacting your subconscious in a deep trance state, we can then access divine knowledge that will bring about answers to your questions, concerns, and worries. The subconscious is also vibrationally linked and connected to higher energies that will help in your self-healing, giving you deep insight and understanding to your earthly life. This new form of clarity has life changing results. 


We will be working directly with the spirit world and the divine energies, which is why this quantum healing hypnosis is one of the most powerful forms of self-healing techniques on offer today.   

Setting a clear intention is always important when doing any form of self-healing work. 

Ask yourself: – 

1. Why do I want to have this hypnosis? 

2. Do I want to be healed? 

We will record each session with our voice recorder. We encourage you to listen back to the recording several times after the hypnosis session. The recording will be sent to you by email or Google Drive. 

Sessions normally begin at about 10:00am in the morning. They roughly finish about 3:00pm but some sessions can be longer or shorter, depending on each individual client. 

Towards the end of the healing session, we will be contacting your subconscious, also known as your higher self. This is the part of the session where you will receive answers to your questions. Deep insight and understanding are always given at this point.   


You will want to prepare a list of questions before your session. These questions can be anything around work, relationships, purpose, finances, how to quit negative habits, how to heal from past traumas, how to heal injuries or reoccurring pains. It is important, but not essential, to bring a list of questions you would like answers to. These questions can range from, “What is my divine purpose in this life?” to “Why do I keep choosing the wrong partner?” or “Why does my son not speak to me?” 


Questions are encouraged that are directly linked to self-health and wellbeing. Concerns or worries such as, “Why do I have cancer?” “Why do I keeping having these headaches?” “Why do I have this backache?” 

Steven and Chris will go through the questions in the interview stage. 

The Process

The interview is a very important part of Quantum Healing Hypnosis and can take up to 2 hours.  This gives opportunity to, ‘open up,’ share, and go through your questions. This process can be very healing also. We are a healing space, and any subject, issue, or concern, can be discussed without any judgment or opinion. 

You will be lying down on our massage bed, lights will be dimmed, and you will be very comfortable.  Chris or Steven will guide you through different stages of hypnosis using deep visualisation and imagination. Your ‘higher self’ will show you different past lives and this will build up a story that is needed as part of your self-healing and questions.   



Sometimes, your higher self may take you to other places in time, and even times spent in the spirit world. Some clients have taken themselves to other dimensions and even to other planets. To keep it simple, we must trust that your higher self will take you to a time and place deeply relevant to what is happening in your life now. 

Chris and Steven will also be taking you to your past life death experience, which is a necessary part of your regression work. This will also build up the story needed as part of your learning and what is happening in your life now. 


Once the past lives have been established, Chris and Steven will contact your subconscious. This will be the time to ask questions such as, “What was the life purpose in that lifetime?” and/or “What did you learn from that past life?” It will be followed by asking the questions that you brought with you.  Everything will fall into place and deep understanding is then given.   

Once the questions have been answered, we have a wonderful opportunity to call in the divine healing energies. Remember, your subconscious will still be linked and connected to the higher energies, and this will be a great opportunity to help heal your physical, emotional, or mental body.  Steven and Chris are experienced practitioners and will work with your subconscious in this healing time.   

Once the healing has been completed, the subconscious will subside, and you will be gently brought back to your physical body. 

This will be a time of adjustment, a glass of water, and discussion of what has just happened.   

Yes, everyone can be hypnotised. It takes just a little bit of patience and a good practitioner. You will be in good hands with Chris and Steven. 


1. Eat a good hearty breakfast. 

2. No coffee or tea in the morning before the session (herbal tea is okay). 

3. Limit the amount of water you drink in the morning also. 

4. Wear comfortable clothing. 

Each session is £250. 

Special offer for June, July, and August only £190.