Meditation and Breathwork

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meditation and breathwork

Pleased to announce our meditation and breathwork class starting Wednesday 11th January. Every Wednesday evening 6:00-7:30. £7per week. 12 week class.

Lots of meditations and breath work on offer each week!

☆Zen Guided meditation .

☆Mudras, forest sounds.

☆Tibetan Singing bowls.

☆Chakra cleanse.

☆ Auric cleanse.

☆ Universal cosmic sounds.

☆ Laughing buddha meditation.

☆Solar plexus and throat chakra cleanse.

☆Body tapping meditation and qi activation. Working breath work. Qigong. Osha dynamic breath work. Loving kindness meditation. Lung/ heart qi activation.

☆ Crystal meditation. Mother Earth guided meditation .

☆Grounding poses.

☆Angelic sound healing guided meditation.

☆From mind to heart meditation.

☆Affirmations and mantras.

☆Silent meditation.

☆Finding inner stillness and peace.

☆Drumming meditation and ☆power animal connection.

Open to all levels. Sign up today to reserve your place. To book: contact Steven 07541372445.

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