Healing Circle

Our Mahannah healing circle has been running for 12 years, every Wednesday night from 6:00-9:00.  £10 per week.

Our healing circle has been a key part to our healing work at the Purple Mountain and we do amazing healing work on the Wednesday night circle.  Healing work can range from:

  • Meditation and guided meditations.
  • Crystal and sound healing.
  • Shamanic nights with drumming.
  • Creating and sending energy.
  • Learning different healing treatments.
  • Self-healing exercises/ and learning about self.
  • Connecting with spiritual energies and love.
  • Trance sittings/ and knowledge sharing.

If you wish to join this healing circle please message Chris or Steven. Please note the circle is invitation only circle.  Joining this circle is a lifelong commitment.  Contact Steven on: 07541372445.