Saturday 9th – 10th July – Sleep Sound Bath Overnight Retreat

Saturday 9th July- Sunday 10th July

Night of sound healing and sharing- connecting and working on the astral body- enhancing dream state and astral travelling.

A great opportunity to self heal the mind and enhancing deeper sleep states.  Lots of shared knowledge and experiences on how to improve relaxation and REM sleep state.  Make new connections and friendships here at the Purple Mountain self-healing retreats!

Friday Night Sound journey starts at 9:00.  Finishes the next day (Sunday) at 12:00pm.

£80 includes breakfast

Bedding and pillows are provided- but you can bring your extra pillows/ blankets with you.

The night will include: Saturday Night

1.        Special sleep herbal tea.

2.       4 Hour sound healing journey into the night.

3.       Music, crystal and crystal singing bowls.

4.       Circle sharing which includes angel and oracle cards.

5.       Discussion on how to improve sleep and relaxation.

6.       Meditations and breath work.

Morning of Sound bath-

1.        Sharing breakfast.

2.       Guided meditation with sounds.

3.       Morning walk and nature connection.

To book contact Chris: 07891817182

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