Friday 20th May – Tibetan Sound Healing Bath

Friday 20th May 7:00-9:00 £15

What the night will entail and include:

We have been running our amazing Tibetan sound healing night for many years now at the Purple Mountain! Everyone will receive their own Thai Massage mats 1x pillow and blanket: if you need any more please bring more.  Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be laying down for up to 90 minutes.

  • Tibetan singing bowl singing journey.
  • Special music from the Tibetan monks and healers.
  • Tibetan Healing prayers and blessings.
  • Guided meditation and breathe work.
  • Bells and chimes sound healing.
  • Laughing Buddha mediation.
  • Loving kindness heart opening crystal healing.

And much more!

To book contact Chris: 07891817182

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