Friday 10th June – Shamanic Self-healing Evening

Shamanic Self-healing Evening

Friday 10th June 7:00-10:00 £45pp

We welcome all to join us, Shamanic Healing Night at The Purple Mountain

7.00pm – 11.00am

Steven & Chris welcome guest special guest Austin Romero

A special shamanic evening at The Purple Mountain, Steven and Chris welcome Austin Romero to collaborate in hold space and share his experience, and incite, during the evening

The night will include:

A beautiful opportunity to connect with our ancient ancestors, including a blessing and offering (a significant item, crystal, food etc.) for the altar. Breathe work and a drumming journey to assist self-healing, emotional release and ancestral healing. We will also be working with HAPEY (shamanic snuff blown up the nose) and SANAGA Eye drops.

Everyone will receive their own Thai Massage mats 1x pillow and blanket: your welcome to bring extra if needed.  Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be laying down for up to 90 minutes.

•      Prayer & Smudging

•      Drumming journey and singing.

•      Connection and offerings to ancestors

•      Connection to animal guides

•      Mother earth blessing and connection.

•      Chants and breathe work mantras.

•      Music and sharing in a circle

If you wish to know more about this special self-healing night contact one of the facilitators at the Purple Mountain Chris or Steven.

To book contact Chris: 07891817182

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