Friday 6th May – Chakra Touch and Reflexology Sound Bath

Friday 6th May 7:00-9:00


To book contact Chris: 07891817182

What the night will entail and include:

Everyone will receive their own healing massage beds and will be designated their own therapist.  Each person will receive either a foot or hand massage depending on the client. We will be using special massage, relaxing massage creams and oils on the night to enhance deep meditative states.

Chakra touch is basically a full body massage with clothes on! It’s an absolutely amazing treatment. Chakra touch is all about releasing tension in the joints and back muscle areas both working energetically as well as spiritually!

Please wear shorts/ and or vest on the night and bring extra blankets if you need them.

We will using various sound and music and the night will also include a guided meditation. Emotional tapping and qi gong energy moves will also be incorporated into the healing treatment.

Fruit and special fruit smoothie is included.

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